So excited! I managed some time to sew a little every day and I’ve just finished another upcycled outfit!

So I have two pair of corduroy trousers,one flared low waist and the other one is actually a thrifted one,for men,but it was new with tag and I love the cut,is high waist and so comfy; I saved this one for me and the low waist to refashion.

The overall pattern is really easy,the hardest part is to find all the fabric in just one pants 😉 but the flared part of the trousers was perfect for the girls skirts and then I had the exactly amount of fabric for the rest of the overall.

I am proud of those refashioned pieces, fighting against #fastfashion, especially with kids collections (they will only use those clothes a few months,we buy almost each season and the environmental impact is bigger)

Also that’s kinda addictive so I am going to look for more fabric or another piece to upcycled! See you soon💞 Xoxo


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