Sustainable carnival

Next week we are going to celebrate #carnival, so before our Italian trip I managed some time to sew two easy costumes for the girls.

🔹I used one maternity dress that I refashioned to make a Dorothy dress for Ms M.

🔹For the little lion I used a sunbonnet pattern,and recycled the fake fur of a hood that I don’t use anymore. It’s funny because the lion it’s her favorite animal at the moment 🦁

🔹And about the dress, I like the fact that you can switch to a “Belle” costume if you add an apron and a book,just change the hairdo and you have it💫
what do you think about it?

#upcycling #refashioned #refashionista #reducereuserecycle #diy #diycostumes #wizardofoz #consommerautrement #riendeneuf #modeethique #modecirculaire #slow fashion #zerowastelife #momtogs #momswithcameras #camera_mama #inspire_and_create #mybeautifulstories #daysofsimpleandslow #siblingsquad #momoftwo #sewingaddict #sewingismysuperpower #sewingismytherapy

One thought on “Sustainable carnival

  1. OMG!!! it is sooooo pretty I am stunned!! too lovely, perfectly done, good job, and congrats to the lil princesses, they really know how to play their roles!! it is amazing you can sew these wonderful dresses, do the hair of M. and also the beautiful photos..!!! I love this post! thanks for sharing your wisedom ^_- much love!

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