Homemade clay bar

🔸Homemade clay bar recipe below🔸
I’ve just tried this recipe and I thought it could be interesting to share it here,it can be useful if you are running out of soap and you already have at home white clay powder. You’ll just need:
🔸1cup white clay
🔸1/4 water
🔸6drops of essential oil (optional)
Place the clay and essential oil into a glass bowl and slowly pour in approximately 1/4 cup of water. Mix together with a wooden spatula, mashing and blending, until the ingredients are combined. Use your hands if it’s easier.
Mold and let dry (one day is enough)
So far I love it, and it’s #zeowaste so 100%win!

Homemade clay bar

You can use it as soap daily or as a deep cleanser depending on your skin type. But it’s safe and that even for children skin. And even the making process is a fun activity to do with your kids if they want to help. What do you think about? Would you try the homemade clay bar?

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