DIY bunny outfits

DIY bunny outfits: Happy Easter! Today I just want to show you these bunny inspired outfits that I made last week, with two bonnets made from scraps🐰.

To make these bonnets, I just needed to add the ears to the regular bonnet pattern, super cute and easy. And it’s #zerowaste because I used fabric offcuts. You can find here the free pattern that I created!

đŸŒ±Now more than ever because of lockdown I’ll take advantage of every inch of fabric and totally going for more upcycled projects, if I manage to have at least daily 15min with my sewing machine đŸ§”
I hope you’ll spent a lovely day tomorrow, maybe chasing some chocolate đŸ«.

I also had fabric enough to sew them matching dresses too, and I decided to create a skirt with ruffled suspenders.

Upcycled baby bunny outfit

Upcycled baby bunny outfits

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One thought on “DIY bunny outfits

  1. Happy Easter!!! (with delay ^_^,,) with the lockdown we cannot spend these events as we used to! but watching your photos I feel so cured and happy, your little bunnies make me smile and feel warm and cozy! great work, you are amazing, I am not good at sewing so I admire you lots ^_^)b God bless you all!!

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