Upcycled baby dress

🔸Upcycled baby dress! 🔸

Upcycled baby dress

So excited to keep going with these projects, sounds silly but it means that I am organised enough to manage some time to sew and also rethink my garde-robe.

That thrifted dress was too big for me, I bough it because I loved the print and the fabric, so soft, but finally at home I’ve tried and it didn’t fit me. What could I do?

1. Forget it on the closet, cluttering space

2.sell it on vinted(after the lock down)

3. Upcycle it! And making three matching outfits for the girls and I.

And it was the perfect birthday outfit for us at our #stayathome birthday party. I use the top for the baby dress and the bottom of the skirt for the girl’s skirt, easy!

With the belt we both have hair ribbons

And the collar of the dress comes from a shep (we didn’t bought the right size so it’s totally a zero waste project )

Mom and baby matching
Matching skirts

A refashioned item is the best way for me to participate in the fashion revolution week, fighting against the fast fashion industry. Hope you like it! Xx

Upcycled matching outfits

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