Around the world

Today I want to share this fun activity for kids. It’s montessori inspired and now that we can’t travel it has more sense than ever, we can still playing around the earth and learning a lot of things about the planet, from geography to biology. And I thought that would be great after the earth day, last Wednesday.

When my daughter was two years old we have started those activities, as we kept travelling together when she was a baby, she has always been interested, so we thought we could start some activities around the map.

Then, later this year and right after the lock down situation we found that carpet, which we love, and we have different games with it.

The first one is learn about the origin of animals with our set of animals, we can make funny stories with them and work on names of countries, continents etc

If you haven’t the carpet you can check we printed there the name of different continents. And they have an amazing tutorial with the steps and free pattern for the world map.

We also printed some of most popular monuments of the world and pictures of animals, the activity can be played in different ways depending on your choices of themes, so let’s the fun start!

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