Homemade soap bubbles recipe!

🔸Homemade soap bubbles recipe below 🔸
The lock down will be partially finish next week here in France and the schools will reopen, but it won’t be obligatory though.

We have decided to stay at home for now, so we are going to keep our homeschooling routines and also our science experiments and games.

Homemade soap bubbles

Today made our own bubbles liquid! No toxic ingredients, and your kids will be able to play with bubbles during the quarantine even if you you haven’t a bubble kit at home.
🔹100ml water
🔹25ml soap dishes(also homemade)
🔹1’5 tsp sugar
🔹1/2 tsp cornstarch
Stir slowly avoiding foam, let rest for some hours (or over the night) and have fun !
#thrifted hat and dress

You can make your own bubble band with clean pipes, wire or a hanger 👍

Hope you like it! Xx

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