Rain Drops trick for photos

Rain drops trick for photos: in this post I am going to show you an easy trick for a rainy photo idea, perfect for storytelling, a nostalgic atmosphere and a different style to add to your photos with no specific gear to use!

It’s raining a lot lately, so I thought about that picture idea.

I needed to wet the glass door because it’s from our balcony and usually the rain drops don’t fall here #instagramvsrealityn haha
I usually don’t buy bouquets but I found this fair-trade one las time, I went for grocery shopping @lidlfrance  .

So I had all I needed for these photos, water and flowers ad props!

How to fake rain drops on windows

So, to recreate rain drops on your windows you just need a water spray. But to be honest just to splash out with your fingers should be enough!

If you can’t shoot behind your window you just need a clear square PVC and splash with water as well. It’s really easy! Scroll down to see the different photos that I have made with that trick.

My little M. loves flowers and after the “shooting” she immediately went to her room and put the bouquet near her bed “like this I can decorate my room with the roses” she’s so lovely!
Which one do you prefer?
Stay safe🌹

Hope that you liked that rain drops trick for photos, tell me if you try!

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One thought on “Rain Drops trick for photos

  1. Wow, what a beautiful photos!! rainy drops and beautiful little princcess ^_^)v If it keeps raining like this, we will have lots of plants and flowers, that’s very good!!

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