Slow birthday

Do you probably already know the slowlife mouvement, and the lock down situation has helped at least to learn to stop and find joy in little things.

Slow life, slow waste, natural living, homemade… And slow birthdays too. No rush, small and simple parties, baking the cake together, we have always loved that way but quarantine left us no choice this year anyway.

So here it goes some snaps of just some slow waste diy that we enjoyed for our first birthday party.

Our sugar free carrot cake, rainbow inspired🌈 check the recipe here


No plastic for wrapping, just some fabric

And with fabric offcuts I could make the birthday crown, a birthday garland and a quiet book as a handmade gift for my daughter.

For us the little things make big moments. And the time spent together is the best gift we can have😘

2 thoughts on “Slow birthday

  1. I agree with you! and I love this cute and just perfect slowlife birthday!! I like so much the concept in Japanese suro- raifu (slow life) great photos as expected!

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