Intuitive eating

What’s your relationship with food? Let’s talk about intuitive eating!

We often craving an especific kind of food when we feel anxious : sweet or salty, one bit or one pound… and we don’t feel good after eating it, probably the opposite.
That’s because usually we don’t have a healthy bond with food, and that begins when we are kids.
Intuitive eating habits can bolster a child’s long-term relationship with food and body image.
We have tried to start some good habits at home, with baby led weaning routines. That has been the best way for us to start a healthy relationship with food.
And you can raise an intuitive eater and forget the “pickie toddler” following just some easy steps and having the right information.

Today I want to share some tips:
1.Don’t bargain. They may start to look at food as a project or a burden, rather than a source of pleasure and nutrition
2. Offer a variety of foods.
3. Routines can be FLEXIBLE
4. Don’t call foods “good” or “bad, focus instead on the way they’ll help to run, read,learn…
5. Avoid rewards for eating. Rewards are ALWAYS tricky and they are not better at the table. We must remember that they  haven’t a positive effect in the long run.
6. Also, avoid eating as a reward
7. Respect the “I am all done”. TRUST them even if it’s frustrating for you.

Hope it helps! We need to stopt all kind of “eat your plate” ,”just one bite” and other similar “rules”… And be positive parents also during the meals.

Intuitive eating for kids

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