Make the planet green again

🔸Make our planet green again🔸
I don’t know when my sustainable journey exactly started. My mother had already a sustainable lifestyle when I was little and I guess it always starts there. But my own journey, my blog or this account, are somehow coming from my motherhood experience. Since I am a mother I want a green future for my daughters and all the kids of the planet. They deserve it, right?
One easy way to be gentle to our planet is fighting against fast fashion. That’s why I created #normalisingthriftedclothes.
We can find beautiful second hand clothes for kids too, and it’s easier with the second child because we already have a lot of things from the oldest.
And If I need something else I always check @vinted , @etsy or @ebay . This way we can even still playing matchymatchy and be respectful with our planet.
Join our movement tagging  your own outfits with #normalisingthriftedclothes

Check the movement on Instagram @slowfashionseason #mysfsjourney for a great sustainable challenge. . 

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  1. I am super touched with your words…I believe in this humanity thanks to you and people like you! There is still HOPE!!! great photo as expected!!! đź’ťđź’ť

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