🔸”We learn from failure not from success”🔸
I wanted to make one of those beautiful soaps with flowers, but I took the white “melt and pour” instead of the clear one, so you can find here our “hidden flowers” soaps. I also wanted to try those beautiful clay ornaments with pressed flowers, but using salt dough instead of clay :fail. (I don’t even know why, it’s not the first time that we “play” with salt dough). We’ll try again, we had fun the same way, and we could take a picture of it anyway🙈

There is a process that we don’t see behind our accounts, we try, we fail and we learn. So don’t be frustrated if sometimes you fail,  and enjoy the process of learning.

🔸Homemade soaps : – 100gr of melt and pour (organic glycerin soap base, I buy mine at @aromazone_officiel). – 1tbsp olive oil
– 1tbsp coconut oil
– you can add vitE as a preservative and essential oils of your choice. -melt the soap base, add the oils, put into molds and let cool.

🔸Salt dough :2cups of all-purpose flour, 1cup of salt, 1cup of cold water.

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