Infused herbal honey

Infused herbal honey recipe: Put the spring into a jar and make your own infused herbal honey🌸

I just discovered that I can make my own infused herbal honey, with dried spices and organic herbs with a “no heat method” or fresh herbs with the “heated method” .

Lilac infused herbal honey

so ro make your own infused honey you can rey two methods:

🔸Heated method : Heat slowly fresh herbs, like lilacs petals, and honey, stir to fold herbs into honey. When the honey begins to bubble  remove, let cool. Repeat 4 times and 2days, then strain.

🔸No heat method: Place spices and dry herbs in the bottom of a jar and fill the jar with honey. Let the herbs infuse for at least 5 days. Then Strain the honey into a clean jar. 
So easy!

I chose the no heat method because obviously,it’s easier, but also because you just need to choose organic herbs for it.

This time I used lilac flowers: I just love its scent and we have our own brush so I know it’s safe to use it

I also used a recycled glass container and put the dried lilac flowers and dried lavender in it, added the honey and let infuse for 5 days. Then I strain it. And that’s it ,so easy!

Would you try this infused herbal honey methods? It’s perfect for cold season!

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