Poppy seeds tea

🔾The calm of poppy fields🔾

We have been finding lots of Poppy fields lately so we have been studying a bit this beautiful flower!

Poppy seeds are linked to multiple health benefits :
Prevention of heart disease, Iron and phosphorus  for maintaining bones and muscles,calcium and magnesium for brain health… and they can also treat sleeplessness.

Consuming a poppy seed drink (with moderation) can decrease the levels of cortisol in the body. This leads to a calming effect as the stress levels eventually drop. This way, the circadian rhythms improve and we can feel felt less fatigued.

1. Poppy Seed Tea recipe:
Soak 300gr of seeds on 400ml of warm water,let the mixture sit 15 min, shake and repeat about 1hour. Drain the liquid.
Add the lemon juice directly into the jar. Mix, and pour a cup of tea.  Enjoy!

French Poppy fields

We love to go there and just enjoy the beauty of these flowers,the girls love it too but don’t worry,we are always gentle with wildflowers,we don’t walk in (these fields are full of flowers but you can easily walk in without destroy them!

But I am not going to lie,we do pick just a few and dry then or play with their steams and petals.

Have you ever played to make stamps with them?they have a beautiful”star” inside that you can use as a natural stamp. We also used to make tattoos with them as kids🙈

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