Welcome June

June has finally arrived! Here in France we are going to celebrate mother’s day next Sunday, and it’s the perfect occasion to offer a #diy gift or spent some time crafting with your daughter. That’s the reason why I thought that those bracelets would be the perfect present.

You just need some pearls, thick thread (like stranded cotton) , cardboard and a needle threader.

Then follow the pattern of a morse coded word. I chose “mother” and “daughter” but also made others for “friends/sisters” or you can choose words like “freedom” “wild” “love” etc

Just check the word of your choice on https://morsecode.world and it will translate it for you.

I just tried then to create something nice like a gift card, adding the bracelets into the cardboard :

Hope you like the result! Xx

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One thought on “Welcome June

  1. wow so beautiful!!! I love them!! ^_^) I use to see bracelets like these at amazon but they are not really my taste..And here you made the perfects ones!! Happy Mother’s day in June!! it is so nice to see how each country has their own celebrations. June is a great month, I like it!! I wish you have a brilliant and happy June with your adorable family!!

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