Reusable baby food pouches

Reusable baby food pouches for smoothies and yoghurts?Say what!! I didn’t even know that they existed! I was always avoiding that kind of disposable smoothies because it’s more waste,more plastic and well we just don’t bring that kind of snack outside the home,or if we do for picnics or other similar activities,we just use a big bottle and that’s all. But then “twist and shake” reached out and talked about these,I was so excited about that new “gadget” for our walks!

These days we wake up early, we walk 3km and we talk a lot, and we learn a lot. And we also take a break and eat a snack,the girls love that.

With these reusable bags we can bring our smoothies or yogurts everywhere, is sustainable, healthy and #zerowaste.

It’s really easy to clean the bag and use it again and again ♻️. There are different kind of prints and two sizes. And it has been a great help during car trips too 🙈

Reusable pouches for snacks
Reusable pouches for snacks

Did you know these reusable baby food pouches? Hope you liked them!

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