Upcycling a tunique into two dresses


Upcycling a tunique into two dresses: From a tunique to a girl skirt and a baby dress, that’s the new refashioned project that I have prepared and going to share today!

It’s another easy one because I just cut the bottom and made the girl skirt. Then made the baby dress with the top of the tunique.

For the baby dress I just adjusted the fabric to turn it into a halter dress and used the rope belt as a brace.

For the skirt just needed to rearrange the seams and add the elastic.

And that’s it, matching outfits for the girls. Hope you like it! Xx

It was a nice fabric for summer that I didn’t want to let go, loved the print too, so I am happy that I could reused it and also creating matching outfits for the girls!

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