DIY Summer dresses

DIY summer dresses: Happy solstice! Summer is here, the sun said “hi!” and we could wear our favourite summer dresses last weekend. I upcycled this one from a woman dress (that I already used for a bonnet, this one ) and made a girl dress like the one that I made for my baby’s first birthday ( this one )

Upcycled dress

When I made the bonnet I just used a part of the bottom of the dress, so this time I just needed to resize the top of the dress for a 4 yo girl dress. Made the ruffled with another recycled fabric and finished the pattern.

Upcycled dress

I love the collar and the back of that pattern, and it’s perfect for beginners, the harder part is to sew the biais but all the rest is really easy and the result is cacthy. Hope you like it as much as I do! Xx

Diy summer dresses

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