Upcycled romper!


Today I am happy to share another upcycled romper! Right before holidays I’ve managed some time to upcycle a skirt that didn’t fit me, but I loved the print and the fabric. So I thought it was perfect for a baby romper.

I looked for a pattern at www.ohmotherminediy.com and find this one, really easy and comfortable for summer adventures.

The skirt has fabric enough to put all the parts of the pattern on it and easily cut them. I just needed an elastic band for the collar and fasteners and the upcycled outfit was done! It’s a light fabric perfect for summer,that I can upcycle again in a few years into a girl’s blouse!

I still have some off-cuts for other projects, just need to decide what I can do next! Maybe scrunchies and ribbons for the girls!

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Hope you like it! Xx

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