Thrifted tshirts

Thrifted tshirts

Thrifted tshirts: A rare picture of us together without the kids 😅 (they weren’t far away anyway lol) I bought those #thriftedshirts at @vinted, I was looking for a father’s day gift and I found that! Like new, ecological coton, so soft and loved the #momofwo and #dadoftwo printsđŸ€—.

Fighting fast fashion is not only about to protect the environment, is also about human rights and at @slowfashionseason we are also working on our commitment to anti-racism work within the campaign because “we can’t have a sustainable fashion revolution until the industry is actively anti-racist”
You can follow those Instagram accounts: @theslowfactory @pepperyourtalk @ajabarber @melaninass  @aditimayer
And those campaigns :@remakeourworld @labourbehindthelabel @cleanclothescampaign @asia_floor_wage_alliance (via @venetialamanna)
Stand with us and join the challenge!

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