Poppy fields

Poppy fields photography: I’ve found some pictures that I took a few weeks ago, and I thought that I should share them here, as everyone loved the latest nature pictures that I shared and poppies are so pretty, I needed to edit and post it! So here it goes, hope you’ll like it!

Poppy fields are so special, it’s like to find a magic secret spot. Each year they are located in different spots. So sometimes it’s hard to find them. I usually look for them nearby wheat fields, or wine yards, if you don’t find a whole meadow full of them you’ll definitely find some of them and it’s really beautiful as well. Just be sure you stay in the path and don’t harm any private property.

For these photos I used a Nikon d5200 and my 50 mm lens,which create beautiful depth and bokeh. I just struggled with direct and hard light but I try to work and practice that kind of lighting.

I also like to play with focus and really enjoy out of focus photos.

All with my nikon d5200, 50mm. Exif: f/3.2 – 1/4000 – ISO 160

I hope you like poppy fields as much as I do! Sara.

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