Handmade clothes

Fighting against fast fashion means that you have other possibilities, you’ll just change your habits and it can be really easy, and funnier than normal shopping.

1. Buy thrifted and use second hand (hand-me-downs are so useful too) .

2. Wear what you already have.

3. Buy sustainable brands/materials

4. Made your own clothes, why not? Upcycling can be easy and most of the times you don’t need a sewing machine to customise your old clothes, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.

Today I wanted to share our sustainable outfits, made by me. I brought this fabric two years ago and finally decided to use it making one skirt for me, and dresses for the girls. And my t-shirt is thrifted!

I found all patterns at http://www.ohmotherminediy.com

Check more pictures of the skirt here ,and baby onesie and girl dress here

Hope you liked it! Xx

One thought on “Handmade clothes

  1. I love it!! I think we must go back in time, when we used to have only two pair of clothes and made a lot of combinations with them! spending money in new clothes is kind of stupid right now. with the new era, postcovid, we will renew also our needs, so I am going to save money to buy not clothes or cosmetics, but important and healthy things. And eat quality, especially eco! I like your skirt a lot, it suits you! and the sisters look super adorable!! great post!! ^_-)v keep it up!

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