Milk bath

A milk bath: an easy idea for a baby photo session. Today I am sharing here some pictures of my last Instagram picture, the baby milk bath. We are now on vacation and a bit MIA, but planning a lot of more posts coming soon!

For that milk bath I just added some tbsp of powder milk to the water and then use the flowers of a bouquet: it was starting to whiter so instead of throw them away I thought that a bath would be better!

Baby milk bath
Baby milk bath
Baby milk bath
Baby milk bath

It makes a great sensory play for the baby,they love to play with these flowers,the petals,the steams,and obviously it’s great for their skin too.

Always remember to use quality products, fair trade flowers without chemicals and ecological plantbased milk for us . And of course always watch your baby!

Hope you liked the photo session idea and the photos that I made! Find more on my Instagram

See you there!xx

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