DIY witch costumes!

DIY witch costumes! Another day, another costume? OK ! What about another upcycling? I made witch skirts from… Black mosquito nets🙈

Those mosquito nets were cluttering our closet so I thought it could be funny to make those skirts for Halloween, perfect for those little witches🎃

A really easy way to make those skirts is just take the bigger possible rectangle of fabric, fold it in the middle (horizontally) and sew a steam next to the fold, it will be the waist, just add the elastic there and sew another steam(vertically) in order to finish the skirt.

And that’s how we have our sustainable DIY witch costumes: hand-me-downs hats, diy brooms, upcycled skirts for the girls and just a regular black skirt for me😊

Hope you like it! Xx

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