Halloween costume idea!

Halloween costume idea: Postcards from the past… “Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore. Scary witches at your door! Jack-o-lanterns smiling bright are wishing you a haunting night, Happy Halloween!”


Three years in a row now creating a spooky family costume and it’s a fun tradition to do!

We try to find one theme and then look for items that we already have at home to create the different costumes.

For this year’s Halloween costume idea, we recreate one of those vintage postcards, you know the time when people weren’t used to smile in photos and just kept trying to be the most immobile as possible!

My husband already had an old cap and coat and for the girls,w just look for blouses,skirts and dresses. High thighs and bonnets and a Snapseed filter were enough to finish the photo session!

What do you think about that Halloween costume idea? Would you create your own version? If so, you can tag me so I can share it!

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One thought on “Halloween costume idea!

  1. Oh My! it is sooo super amazing!! love it!! all of you made a great work! looks so real ^_-)v happy autumn and blessings!!

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