Christmas crafts ideas

Christmas crafts ideas

Christmas crafts ideas: Every year before Christmas we enjoy some #diy crafts, and now almost everything is handmade when we decorate for holidays! Here I share some of the crafts that we love the most!

After Halloween and half-term we started Christmas related crafts. Might sound soon, but that gives us time to plan our handmade gifts or DIY decorations and that way we can class our homeschooling activities with seasonal themes like that one.

Today I’ll share a list of easy handmade crafts and Christmas decor, using nature treasures like pinecones, sticks,dried oranges and also pasta and some scraps!

Easy Christmas crafts ideas

These are eco-friendly, zero waste and plastic free, you can upcycle,recycle, repurpose! You just need your imagination,but if you need some inspiration try some of these ideas!

  • DIY reindeer: sith sticks and scraps, will decorate your walls and amuse your kids!
DIY Reindeer
  • Paper and cardboard stars: the easiest way to create your own magic at home.
Paper stars
  • Cardboard garlands: I recycled some cardboards into gingerbread houses adding some Fairy lights.
Garlands from cardboards
Christmas cardboard garlands
  • Christmas tree garlands: paint some pasta and glue it to more cardboard!
  • Salt dough ornaments: 1 cup of salt one cup of flour and water! You can create your own ornaments to decorate the tree .
Salt dough ornaments
Salt dough crafts
  • Wine cork angels: wine corks are great for Christmas crafts, we tried some cute angels 😇.
Wine cork angels
Wine corks angels
  • Snowflakes: we love to decorate our windows with them!
Paper snowflake
More snowflakes đŸŒšïž
  • Felt ornaments: I use felt scraps to create more ornaments 🎄.
Felt Christmas ornaments
Crafts with felt
  • Newspaper ornaments: recycle old books and newspaper to create nice decorations.
Cardboard Christmas wings
Wings with Papernews
Christmas cardboard tree
And small trees
  • The 3d heart ornament: I recycled cardboard again and you can paint it and use other shapes like stars or trees.
3d cardboard heart
Heart with recycled cardboards

And these are all favorite ideas this year,they are easy and sustainable,you don’t need to buy new things! And it’s nice for homeschooling or just to spend some quality family time.

Hope you liked all these ideas!

Pasta Christmas trees
Pasta tree
Pinecones crafts
And a lot of pinecones!

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