Christmas flavors

Are you ready for Christmas sparkles?there is already a lot of Christmas content here,and my instagram grid will start to bright too with lots fairy lights and sustainable gifts ideas,like these soap bars,on order to make Christmas more meaningful. Diy gifts have always been something that I cherish,and I want to slowly share easy handmade gifts ideas.

Christmas soaps✨ these Christmas soap bars are so easy,I thought it could be nice to add a festive touch with these natural accessories.Dried oranges are a must for us during the holidays,and I love the star anise too(they smell so good!) It’s also a lovely gift idea, at least for handmade lovers like me🙈 btw you just need 100g of melt and pour mix,2tbsp of coconut oil,1tbsp shea butter and some drops of your favorite essential oil💕

Hope you like it!xx

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