Cardboard crowns for the three wise man!

The three wise man activity idea: cardboard crowns! A cute craft for a new year. January 6th it’s a bank holiday in Spain: we celebrate the Epiphany. The kids receive gifts from the three kings and we eat “el roscón de reyes” ,a delicious king’s cake.

Inside the cake you can find “a prize”. Whoever gets the “fève” will pay the meal and the one finding a figurine will be the king! ( that’s the reason why the cakes are sold with a paper crown 👑).

A similar tradition in France,where just Santa brings gifts but we also eat la “galette des rois”, with just one “feve”, the one who find it, will be the king👑.

I was thinking about trying to make the king’s cake for the first time,(you know, here it’s all about handmade stuff) but we also needed our crowns,so I immediately found some cardboard to upcycle and repurpose into these new crowns,the best January activity with the kids✨

Cardboard crowns

You just need your creativity, and the possibilities are endless! We used some scraps and cardboards that we already had at home at that’s the result!

Diy cardboard crowns
Handmade cardboard crowns

Kids love to paint so I gave my girls some acrylic paint and washi tape, they decorated and had so much fun,they will play all year long with their cardboard crowns for sure!

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Hope you like it!Xx

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