The three wise men

A cute craft for a new year. January 6th it’s a bank holiday in Spain:we celebrate the Epiphany. The kids receive gifts from the three kings and we eat “el roscón de reyes” a delicious king’s cake. Inside the cake you can find “a prize”. Whoever gets the fève will pay the meal and the one finding a figurine will be the king ( that’s the reason why the cakes are sold with a paper crown 👑)

A similar tradition in France,where just Santa brings gifts but we also eat la galette des rois, with just one feve,the one who find it,will be the king👑

I was thinking about trying to make the king’s cake for the first time,(you know,here it’s all about Handmade stuff) but we also needed our crowns,so I immediately found some cardboard to upcycle and repurpose into these new crowns,the best January activity with the kids✨

You just need your creativity,the possibilities are endless!we used some scraps and cardboards that we already had at home at that’s the result!

Hope you like it!Xx

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