Bunny bonnet

I am so happy to share today a new free sewing pattern!I made two bonnets with this pattern for my girls last year and I decided that I should share the pattern here,so here it is!

It will fit from one year old to two years old babies and you can use two different fabrics for a prettiest result. I upcycled this one from a bedsheet!
First of all download,print and cut the pattern.

Cut the parts of the pattern with one of the fabric. Now take the second fabric and cut again the same parts.

First we are going to sew the bunny ears,inside down, leaving the bottom seamless. Turn them out and make a simple stitch on the plain fabric,like this:

Then sew the outside bonnet(the printed fabric of my bonnet) paying attention to pin first the ears 7cm away from the forehead seam, like this:

Now you can sew the inside bonnet. Remember to pin a lace ribbon in both parts of the bonnet.Like this:

When both parts are finished sew them together inside down leaving the bottom seamless. You will turn the fabrics here.

Sew the bottom and you are done!

Hope you like it! XOXO

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