Free easter printables

Free easter printables: Easter is coming soon so we have started our seasonal crafts! Today I want to share with you one that the girls loved ! You can already download these Easter printables for free 🐰

You just need to print these little bunny faces and decorate them (we used leaves from the garden) to create the ears, whiskers etc and create funny different characters 🐇

I was inspired by the face the foliage activities and thought that the girls would love to use natural leaves to create cute bunnies. They can also recycle paper from packagings, cut it and glue it to create the bunnies,or just draw it their own way!

Free Easter printables
Free Easter printables
Saint Patrick crafts for kids

We made those during Saint Patrick’s week and that’s why you can see some related crafts on the photos! Shamrock snowflakes, leprechaun’s hats from toilet paper rolls and shamrock paper snowflakes. Hope you like it!

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Free Easter printables below:

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