Zucchini pie

Zucchini pie

Today it’s about food and I am going to share a recipe that we tried yesterday for the first time. As we try as much as we can to have a plant based diet,we were looking for new vegan recipes and found this one,but small surprise!it turn out not to be a vegan recipe but a vegetarian one, because it has a lot of cheese and eggs. We tried anyway as we do eat eggs,from ecological local farmers,and also cheese even if we try to reduce our consommation. So here it is,the zucchini pie,an alternative meal to meat idea!

Zucchini pie

We planted some zucchinis last month,and hope that next year we’ll be able to cook that recipe with our own ones! zucchini season goes from June to September but can change depending on your location.

Puff pastry: 2 cup flour,1 tbsp salt,250gr plant based butter frozen, 2/3 cup cold water. Grate the butter and add it to flour (I put the flour in the fridge 15min) slowly mixing. Pour the cold water into the dough. Mix. Wrap with a cloth and leave it in the fridge for 30min. Roll the dough,fold a rectangle three times and let it chill in the fridge again for 1hour.


1 shallot
1 garlic
4 zucchinis
20 gr olive oil
Put in the robot 4sec speed5
Then 10min,100°,speed1 ↩️

Drain and set aside
Add 250 gr ricotta,100gr spiced soft cheese,20 gr parmesan, 2 eggs 15 sec speed 3. Add the previous mix of zucchinis and mix 20 sec speed3

Preheat the oven 150°c

Take the puff pastry and prick with a fork. Slice into rings another two zucchinis and add them to the pie. Bake it 60min /150°c

Zucchini pie

Ta-da!ready to eat!hope you liked it!xx

Zucchini pie recipe

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