Mother’s day

“Motherhood is amazing.and then is really hard. And then it’s incredible. And then it’s everything in between. So hold on into the good,breath through the bad,and welcome the wildest and most wonderful ride if your life”

A lot of countries are celebrating motherhood during this month of May. In Spain we celebrated it the first Sunday of May. France will celebrate it the last Sunday and lots of countries are celebrating today. As a Spanish living in France I celebrate both 🤪 not big celebrations,just another excuse to craft something cute and maybe cook something nice!

This year we decided to make a fun activity with some sticks. The girls love them and we already had a nice collection at home so we just needed to cut them and glued them creating the word “mom”. Then I made holes to fill them with flowers,it’s a perfect activity for fine motor skills and we can reuse it,no waste with that craft!

How you like it!xx And happy mother’s day!❤️

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