Face the foliage and other collages

We have been busy collecting flowers lately,and I thought that we totally should use these petals for one of our homeschooling activities,so we tried our own version of “face the foliage” . I drew a face and we fill the top with petals,both girls loved it (4 and 2 yo) so I decided to share a free printable (scroll down to download).

One thing led to another and we also used old magazines,this way we added the scissors to the activity and we did three different monochromatic characters (sorting colors) it’s great for scissor skills practice and they enjoyed a lot with their creations. I also suddenly remembered that I used to love that kind of collages and I need to create more of them (outside homeschooling😅)

We also used some scraps to create funny faces and more collages like these ones:

So if you like it and want to try, you can download the printables below for free?hope you like I!xx Sara


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