You have a beautiful bouquet and the flowers start to wither?don’t worry,you still can do lots of things with them!

I usually don’t buy bouquets, I sometimes make them with flowers of our garden but what I do love (with both) is give them different purposes. I usually take photos with them,they obviously decor the house,but there are some things that we can also do with flowers

1. Flatlays: flowers are the best props aren’t they? Are Flatlays with flowers are my favorites. Last week I tried to make a peace sign with the first cherries of the season and some flowers

2. self-portraits: same as flatlays,posing with flowers may give you more confidence

3. Baby bath and sensory play for kids: they love flowers and it’s perfect for fine motor skills and nature learning

4. Ice lantern. You can freeze the flowers and save them for later activities or make a beautiful ice candle with them

5. Dry them!they are beautiful like this as well,and you can make book marquees,frames ,cards etc

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