Upcycled blouse

I am so excited to share this blouse! The idea was on my mind for more than a year now,and I finally take some time to make it, and I am so proud of the result!

I bought that skirt at a flea market, longtime ago,because I loved the embroidered emplacements but finally never wore it…so I decided to use the inner lining to make the collar of the blouse.the rest of the skirt will be for my daughter,as I just need to change the elastic band and it will fit her.

And I made the rest of the blouse from scratch,with a cotton fabric that I already had at home. I used the pattern of https://www.magazine-avantages.fr/,fiche-couture-une-blouse-3-looks,2300140,25748.asp

Hope you like it!check the video about it on my insta!Xx

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