Shadow puppets printable

Shadow puppets printables: It’s time for a new freebie! So happy to share this one for you all! Days are longer now and bedtime start a bit later at the moment, and it’s the perfect time to add a bit of magic to our story time,so we play with shadows and puppets,the best part? You can do these puppets yourself, recycling cardboards and popsicle sticks🍡

Shadow puppets are a great activity for kids, I made the first ones for the second birthday of my girl and I wanted to make a few more now that the little one can join the fun too.

They love fantasy characters so I made their favorites: unicorns, fairies, queens and princesses, dragons and princes.

You can print them and laminate them, or use cardboards like I did and add popsicle sticks. You can also color them if you want to, or the kids can do it for more fun😊

To get your free printable just click on the link below:

Hope you like it!xx

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