Recycling tshirts

Lately I have been decluttering our closets and found lots of t-shirts that were ready to be upcycled. There are lots of things to do with old t-shirts (I actually have started to share some ideas on Instagram and pinterest) and today I am going to share that fun project,with pompoms involved too!

I had lots of yarn stocked for years that I wanted to use because I have cero time for knitting (and no patience 😅) so I first made a few pompoms with that yarn and then use the fabric of an old t-shirt to make a cushion.

I used these colors for the girls room but I’ll maybe try other cushions for our living room as well.

Nothing really hard here,it’s a simple project and you can do it without the pompoms with other fabrics like old jumpers etc

Hope you like it!xx

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