Diy customized t-shirts!

DIY customized t-shirts: Today in France we celebrate father’s day! And I had another idea for a #diy gift, I really hope you like it because I kinda love it!

I always look for fun “best dad” t-shirts for that day but it needs to be slow fashion: two years ago I upcycled a t-shirt with fabric pens, last year I found a thrifted one, and this year I found the best way to customize a t-shirt. I made some fun printables and using transfer paper I made our own DIY customized t-shirts. And the result is pretty good, so I am sharing here today the templates that I made: just scroll down and download them for free!

It’s the first time that I use transfer paper, but it’s really easy: be sure to buy it for white fabrics (blue ones) because my templates are black. Take one paper sheet, print the template of your choice, cut it and iron it (wait 30′ between each step) Let cool and remove the paper: ta-dah! I made the matching t-shirts and will try more !

Hope you like it!xoxo

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