Geometric rhubarb pie

The end of the spring arrived and for the first time I found rhubarb so I absolutely needed to try a recipe and I chose rhubarb pie,it’s really easy the hard part was attempting these geometric styling 🙈I haven’t enough rhubarb for that and I did a few mistakes but here is the result:

Geometric rhubarb pie


-2apples,500 gr rhubarb,50gr honey,2eggs,2tbsp vanilla,20cl soya cream,30gr plant based butter

Cook the pastry,10 min 180°

Heat the pan with butter,honey and 1glass of water. Caramelize the apples and rhubarb. When ready, remove from heat and add in a bowl with eggs and soya cream. Put it into the pastry and set up some rhubarb on the top(I made these patterns but you can choose different ones). Oven 35min/180°

I must say that it’s the first time I try a rhubarb pie and even if the mixture with apples it’s good, I didn’t like the rhubarb on the top🙈so if I cook it again, I won’t add it. Hope you like it!xx

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