Summer crafts

Are crafts during summer still a thing?some people needs them more because school it’s over and we need to keep children entertained, other people enjoy more the pool,beach/holidays and don’t need that kind of activities during summer time.

At home we still crafting as our routines don’t change that much (except if we travel,but we don’t leave the house longtime) so today I am sharing here some cute summer crafts ideas that we specially liked.

Recycling is always a lust so the paper toilet sand castle it’s one of our favorites.

Painti with salt is so much fun and the kids love the 3d effect!

And the footprints on the sand are a cute keepsake idea đŸ„°

I shared videos about these three crafts on insta and pinterest too.

Hope you like it! And if you did, you can maybe “help me with a coffee” clicking in the link below:


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