Constellation cards for kids

Constellation cards! Welcome August! some of my favorite things about that month are starry nights so I decided to make a new free template! I love this one and it’s great because it’s really versatile,you can play with these freebies in so different ways! I hope you like it as much as I do!

How to use the printables:

So I created that constellation card that you can print. The first card can be used as a guide but also if you cut each constellation you can use it as a light projector with a toilet paper roll (making small wholes with a needle)

I also added other templates that you can use with your kids as sewing cards, perfect for fine motor skills!

I used to love to observe the starry nights with my mom,brother and sister when we were kids and I did it in Spanish so my niece and my daughters can enjoy it better đŸ„°

Click below to download your template:

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Have a great August!❀

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