Gazpacho andaluz

Gazpacho andaluz! I don’t even know why I’ve never shared that before, sometimes we forget the most obvious things: that’s a must summer recipe and one of my most present childhood memories,my “seasonal journal” couldn’t miss that one! It’s my grandma and mom’s recipe and I took the photo before we left.

Vegan tomato soup

Vegan tomato soup

You just need two cloves of garlic ,1green pepper,1 cucumber and 4 tomatoes and 2tbsp olive oil,mix everything and add some water (serve cold!) Enjoy đŸ„°

It’s the perfect summer soup, I’ll always remember my grandparents drinking that dish during summer months,with fresh tomatoes from my grandpa’s garden. Full of antioxidants, refreshing, delicious,seasonal and vegan! I now make it without garlic because I am allergic to it but still really tasty (so if you just don’t like garlic you can remove it too).

It’s great also for kids as well,I remember using it as a baby led weaning recipe with some bread or oat toasts.

So,will you try it?Hope you like it!

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