Vegan figs toast

Vegan figs toast! Already 18th September! Say what? The month is almost over! And autumn is almost here too… There is a lot of things I love about September, the cooler weather (but usually still nice) apples, figs,nice sunsets,my mom’s birthday…đŸ„°

And as there are a lot of yummy veggies in September today I wanted to share an easy snack idea with figs. But let’s do it veganđŸŒ±

Vegan toast with figs

So we picked some figs from our parents garden and made bread all together! Then I found a tofu cream as a cheese alternative and voilĂ , added some nuts and I don’t usually drink wine but if you like it must be yummy with it! Do you like figs? For me they’re the transition from summer to fall, like a September symbol 🍁

As I always say, I am not vegan but they to reduce meat meals and always prior vegan/plant based alternatives. So that’s why I chose that tofu cream, it’s really tasty and we already know all the benefits of a vegan lifestyle,so let’s promote it!

Hop you like it! xoxo

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