Collar pattern


Collar pattern! Well I am updating the blog and just realized that I need to reshare my collar pattern! It’s one of my favorites so I hope the blog post finally works now! You can find it anyway on my Instagram and Pinterest ☺️

Here is my own pattern! An easy one, to start: the removable collar that you can mix&match with shirts, jumpers, dresses or cardigans.

I made a big one with an additional ruffle,but you can avoid the ruffle if you want an easier version! Also you can use the fabric of your choice. For this one I upcycled a white sheet,but all prints or embroideries are welcome!

You just need to print the pattern and cut two pieces of fabric,sew them inside out leaving a small whole (to flip the fabric) and finish the collar with a neat seam.

Click below to download:

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Hope you like it!xx

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