Moana inspired birthday party

Moana inspired birthday party! As we were welcoming autumn I remembered that I’ve forgotten to share our Moana inspired birthday party !

That was for our girl’s 5th birthday,we weren’t at home so I needed really easy DIY ideas (I even wanted to cook the croissants and doughnut with our recipes but we haven’t an oven so I just bought them at the bakery shop,they were delicious!)

Before leaving the house for that vacation I planned a few easy things at home,like some templates from the movie that I laminated, the hook ( that I made from cardboards ), the coconuts and some flower necklaces.

Are you curious about the rest of the decor?Check the photos below!

Ananas doughnut crafts for Moana themed birthday
Moana themed birthday party
Fish star from bread
Crab from croissants
Diy hei hei cookies from Moana
Diy cardboard hook from moana
Watermelon birthday cake

What do you think about it! I only chose easy ideas and I am pretty proud about the result, and my girls loved it! The perfect ocean birthday party!

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Now enjoy the new season!xx

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