Sweet potato brownies

A long time ago I shared a red bean brownie,and I must say that I totally forgot that recipe🙈 although it was a good and yummy (and obviously sugar free) you can find it here .

This year I had so many sweet potatoes that I needed extra recipes ideas so I thought about a brownie but that time with a different veggie inside,so today you’ll find the sweet potato one. I must say that I like it better than the red beans,the texture is amazing and the taste really good( I shared some videos on Pinterest )

You just need :

2 sweet potatoes, 1 cup of flour,1/3 cup of raw cacao,2 bananas, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp nut butter, 1tbsp cinnamon

Mix the sweet potatoes,bananas,nut butter and coconut oil. Separately mix dry ingredients. Then blend all and bake it 180° C for 25min

It’s really easy and so delicious! Perfect for cozy rainy afternoons🍁

Hope you like it!xx

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