Butternut squash

Butternut squash is one of my favorites and that recipe is really easy, perfect for when you don’t have much time,and during rainy days too!

A few years ago I started to buy more butternut squash, they are so good, stay long in the pantry (two months in a cool one) and there are so many different recipes that we love in our household.

Soups, risottos or puree but today is a roasted recipe with spinaches.

You just need to cut the butternut squash in a half,remove the seeds, roast it (oven180° for 40min) and cook some spinaches with quinoa,soya seeds and pine nuts. That’s it,you can serve it and style it.

It’s one of my favorite butternut squash recipes, because I find it eye catching and while it’s in the oven you can multitask!😅

Vegan roasted butternut squash recipe
Vegan roasted butternut squash with spinaches and quinoa

Hope you like it! Or maybe you prefer pumpkins and you are ready for Halloween! 😜 We just carved ours yesterday, some photos coming soon on my Instagram @scraps.and.coffee.grounds !!

Find more healthy and easy recipes classed by seasons in my page healthy recipes .

See you soon!xx

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