Halloween table

Are you ready for a Halloween table? You already know that we have been crafting with our Halloween templates,but we also had fun with food too đŸ€­

Here you’ll find some simple ideas to create a spooky table,they are easy, no expensive and sugar free, kids loved it and the effect is pretty cool 🎃

Halloween food and table decor ideas
Halloween table ideas

🐛 spaghetti worms: I used food coloring to give them a blood aspect and then add the eggs to pasta. Then cut some olives and put them in the middle of the eggs to create the eyeballs

Halloween recipes with pasta
Worm pasta

💀Mushroom skulls : super easy,you just need to carve the mushrooms with a knife creating the eyes,nose and teeth on the stem. We eat them as crudites with a sauce.

Mushroom skulls
Mushroom skulls
Mushroom skulls

🧟 Frankenstein peppers: same thing, carve different faces on the peppers,you can fill them with pasta,white beans,rice…or just, again,as crudites!

Pepper monsters for Halloween food
Pepper monsters

đŸ‘» Banana phantoms: something sweet for the dessert, I used some raisins to create the faces of the ghosts and voilĂ , sugar free and tasty!

Banana phantoms for Halloween
Banana ghosts

And of course you can carve your own pumpkin,this way you’ll have the best decor and more recipes with the puree!

Carved pumpkin

Hope you liked our Halloween table!And enjoy your Halloween weekend!xx

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