DIY advent calendar!

Even if we just entered in November’s month,let’s admit that we need to start thinking about Christmas decorations and gift ideas,so today I am going to share with you this DIY advent calendar that I created last year!

Last year I started a new tradition: a DIY advent calendar with printed photos. Every day, we opened one envelope with a few photos that I printed.

That made a daily activity for the girls, creating that year’s family album with stickers and crafting. It was a last minute idea that I shared on Instagram and couldn’t share on the blog but this year I don’t want to be late! So here’s a photo of our last year’s wreath:

Easy DIY advent calendar wreath
DIY advent calendar wreath

Sustainable holidays!

There is a lot of wild mistletoe that you can pick in the woods, I added it to the wreath and use some envelopes that I decorated with paper news,number tags and rustic rope .

I also love old music sheets as Christmas props,so I also used them.

What I love is that I still have the envelopes and the wire hoop. I will pick more mistletoe and just reuse the rest!

It’s the best way to have your photos of the year printed and it makes a fun family activity (and a sugar free calendar idea🤭).

We always struggle to get our photos printed, but I love classic photo albums to enjoy with the girls. Kids love to see these memories printed! So that’s the perfect way to have a yearly album with the highlights of the year. We make some scrapbooking to decorate it and the result is so pretty! Remember that washi tape it’s greener than regular one: think about it! Use it also if you want to wrap your gifts the classic way! Other ideas to wrap your presents are with reusable bags or fabric!

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Hope you liked the idea!xx

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